Polish manufacturer of CD/DVDs and cassette tapes. Replication of discs.


Printmasta is a Warsaw company that produces CDs/DVDs and cassette tapes.The range of services also includes CD and cassette tape copying, as well as packaging printing. The company handles both retail and wholesale orders, making every effort to ensure that each product stands out for its great quality and affordable price. Any imprint can be placed on the discs, be it a photo, inscription or other graphics. To further encourage the customer to buy a CD/CVD, it is worth investing in original boxes. Specialists print packaging, including digipak packaging and vinyl sleeves. All you have to do is send a design, and the finished order will arrive at the indicated address at an express pace. The CD/DVD and cassette tape company's offerings can be used by interested parties from all over Europe. In addition, thanks to modern equipment, Printmasta provides CD replication services at the highest level. The recording is smooth, clean and error-free. Lovers of retro style, on the other hand, can have cassette tapes copied. A favorite song recorded on a cassette has a completely different sound, and creates a unique atmosphere.

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